Think about Walt Disney World as an enormous scavenger hunt waiting for you, your family and your friends to take part. A huge part of any vacation is getting off the couch and seeing new things. Some new things to be seen at Disney are Hidden Mickeys. When Imagineers were designing EPCOT in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, they began to include hidden mickey profiles into different designs of the park. Due to the popularity of the idea, the concept spread and Imagineers are now encouraged to place them in all new construction. Hidden Mickeys are now found throughout all Disney parks, resorts, and even on the cruise line. They can also be found in many animated movies.

A hidden mickey is usually a silhouette of Mickey mouse that looks like this:


or a mickey head like this:


These symbols are inserted subtly into the design of just about anything, including rides, attractions, architecture, restaurants, and resort areas. Hidden Mickeys can be painted, made up of objects, woven into upholstery, or even in the cement and landscaping.

Here is a good example:


Now for the fun part:

Keep your eyes open and look for these shapes from the beginning of your vacation right up until the end.

  1. Head to Head– people in your party can race to find the most hidden mickeys in a specified time or place;
  2. First One– people in your group race to find the FIRST hidden mickey of the day; or
  3. Just For Fun– relax, have a good time and you just might spot a hidden mickey without even thinking about it.

Where will you spot your first hidden mickey? Let us know!

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