There are a lot of Disney to do lists, a lot of tips for what to see and eat and ride. Here is a list of Don’ts that can help you have a magical vacation from the your very first moment of trip planning.

  1. Don’t get overwhelmed. Easier said than done right. Remember when you are planning, you don’t have to see everything every time you go to Disney. If you are anything like we are, you will travel there many, many times after that first trip and do something different each time. It is nice to have a balance between totally scheduled and not scheduled at all.
  2. Don’t forget to break in a new pair of shoes for your trip. You will definitely be walking and getting blisters on your first day may make the rest of the time pretty hard. Give yourself a few weeks wearing the shoes before the Disney miles add up!
  3. Don’t go to Disney without some Mickey (or character) gear. There are a lot of stores that sell licensed Disney Merchandise. Kohl’s, Target, Walmart to name a few. There are online shops including thousands of Etsy shops that specialize in t-shirts, custom-designed mickey ears, hats, etc… Just make sure you give yourself enough time to for ordering and shipping (sometimes 4-6 weeks). Order what you want or buy it in a store and wear it without judgement in the Parks. You might even get some compliments!
  4. Don’t forget the freebies. You can get buttons at guest services, resorts, and most gift shops. Bus drivers sometimes have stickers to give out, just ask. DVC reps at the kiosks in the parks and resorts usually have buttons and stickers too. Club Cool at Epcot has free samples of cola from all over the world. Ghirardelli at Disney Springs gives free chocolate samples if you ask. You can get Sorcerers cards at the fire station at Magic Kingdom. It is a fully immersive game that takes you all over the park (More on that in another post). The cards are fun to collect.
  5. Don’t leave your inner child at home. Go ahead and laugh, clap and completely enjoy your time at the Happiest Place on Earth. It’s ok to enjoy the rides and attractions even if you think they are geared toward 5 year olds. It’s ok to hug a furry character and take tons of pictures. It’s ok to eat a Mickey ice cream bar every day just because. It’s ok to scream and raise your hands over your head on every rollercoaster in all 4 parks.

With everyone telling you what to do, it’s sometimes nice to be told what not to do!!!

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