Anyone going to a Disney theme park knows they will spend time waiting in lines (queues for our friends in other countries). If you can’t snag a fast pass for your favorite ride, you may find yourself with a lot of time to kill. Why not make that part fun?!

Theming While waiting in line look at the theme around you. Disney is the best at placing tiny details that make you feel like you have been transported to a certain time or place. While waiting in line for Everest, look at the desks of the mountain climbing companies, the Sherpas gear, the sightings of Yeti in newspaper articles. While waiting for Flight of Passage (which could be a significant amount of time) check out the lab and the full- size Avatar floating in a sleep chamber. Tower of Terror has one of the best themed queues in the parks with details including cobwebs in the hotel lobby.  Stay in the moment and enjoy what Disney does best.

Interactive Cues Some rides and attractions actually have things to do and see while you wait. The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh has many hands-on activities for young ones to play. Haunted Mansion line is one of the best lines. It is themed around a graveyard with many “punny” tombstones to read and “haunted” objects to push and press while weaving your way towards the mansion. Space Mountain has video games to pass the time. Journey of the Little Mermaid has a heavily themed line with a few interactive activities. Soarin’ also offers a group video challenge that can get the whole line involved and create a bond with your fellow “waiters”.

Phone Games One of the things we like to do is play Ellen’s Heads Up game. We choose the Disney related categories of course. It’s simple, you place your phone on your forehead and a word or phrase is displayed for your party to give you clues to help you guess the right word. If you get it right, you tilt the phone down and that point is collected and another word is displayed. At the end of one minute, the score is shown and you pass the phone to the next person to see if they can beat your time. This is fun, easy and the next thing you know, you are at the front of the queue.

“NEW” Play Disney Parks App This is a way to explore and interact with the theme parks. It is a mobile app that helps make wait times into play times. Your party can play together and bring things around you to life. As you play, you can earn and share special achievements. Each achievement is a digital collectible, that is earned by completing quests. There is a Disney trivia component where you can put your Disney Knowledge to work. There is also an audio experience featuring the music of Disney and classic sounds of the theme parks. Download the Play Disney Parks app for free from the App Store and Google Play today!

So, the line from the Tom Petty song- “The Waiting is the Hardest Part” doesn’t have to be true while enjoying your magical vacation.


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