I have been asked many, many times how young is too young for Disney. I truly don’t have an answer! You have to figure out what you are comfortable with and what works for your family. Let me give you some strategies to use if you decide to go on a Disney vacation with a little one.

  1. Transportation to Disney– If you drive to Disney with an infant, you have room to pack the whole nursery (some of you have already thought like that), you have the car seat in place and you just need to get in and go. But, it might be a good idea to look into flying to Disney before the kiddo is 2 because you don’t have to pay for a seat (yes, that means many hours of holding an infant). Money is a great motivator.
  2. Admission prices– Also free to children under three. Again, this is a big motivator to families. If you have older children and want them to experience the magic it helps the budget.
  3. Bring a good stroller and take a child carrier, sling, etc.… Strollers have to be folded up to board bus, boat or monorail so having a sleeping baby in a carrier is so much better than having to transfer form a stroller to a lap.
  4. Get to the parks early, many little ones get up with the sun so, before you put them in a pack and play for a morning nap, head out before the crowds and take advantage of Extra Magic Hours if staying on Disney property or theme park openings if not (Theme parks usually let parkgoers in 20-30 minutes before posted times).
  5. Baby Care Centers at each theme park. They sell formula, baby foods, diapers, wipes, and over-the-counter medications. There is a kitchen with microwave, sink and counter space needed for food prep. There are rooms available for nursing. There are highchairs and other chairs for parents to use for bottle feedings.
  6. Naptime- Be flexible and understand it may not be in a crib with the blinds closed and quiet. Babies can nap just about anywhere. It might be a good time to head back to your resort and nap or lie by the pool or maybe just find a quiet place in the shade to relax while your little one sleeps. *Carousel of Progress is an air-conditioned theater that is perfect for a twenty- minute rest.
  7. Rider Swap– rides at Disney parks let you go on a ride then lets your partner ride while you wait with the baby. This way you don’t have to miss out on all the cool rides and you don’t have to wait in line twice.
  8. Portable cribs– Disney resorts offer these for your convenience.
  9. Pictures of smiling babies (and hopefully parents). Your child may not know what a character meet and greet is but you will love the pictures and memories you bring back from your special time at the Happiest Place in the World!

I hope you weren’t too tired to read this blog and gained some useful tips. I would encourage you to take your babies at any age (even your adult babies). I cherish the times I took my little ones to Disney.


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