Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World is a virtual day dream that is affectionately called “The Happiest Place on Earth.” It’s 142 acres of fun and entertainment consisting of 5 uniquely themed lands plus Mainstreet surrounding a central hub, at the center of which is one of the most iconic sights in the world, Cinderella’s Castle. Each of the lands is appropriately named and themed in every detail, from the rides, restaurants, and attractions all the way down to the type of pavement you walk on.

We are starting a series of blogs where we will introduce you to each land and share the magic of the theming plus give you tips we have on how to navigate, spend time in, and enjoy each area to the fullest.

Magic Kingdom is divided into the following 6 themed areas:

Mainstreet U.S.A. When you enter the Magic Kingdom you are in an area known as Mainstreet U.S.A. It’s themed to look like the small towns of Walt Disney’s youth. It is lined by buildings and features designed to look like the communities of the United States from the early 20th century.

Adventureland. This land takes you to the remote jungles of Asia, Africa, and South America. It is one-part Arabian village and one-part Polynesian tiki huts with some Spanish architecture thrown in for good measure. Each building style transitions seamlessly to the next.

Frontierland. Based on the Wild West, this land includes architecture of the Pioneer Days including log cabins and stockades. Just like the towns that were erected as the West was explored, this area has a saloon, union hall, town hall and trading post. There is a river, appropriately named the Rivers of America that resembles one that explorers might have traveled upon.

Liberty Square.  As you follow the winding river, you enter an area that looks like Colonial America. There is a riverboat and paddleboats that depart from a landing there. Here there is a special focus on the American Experience with concentration on the Revolutionary war and the Bicentennial.

Fantasyland. It is here where the Disney movies rule the land with a sense of magic that can’t be duplicated. It is the heart of Magic Kingdom. There was an expansion completed in 2014 that transformed what used to be Mickey’s Toontown Fair into what is now the Storybook Circus area. I like to think that Fantasyland, with it’s iconic rides and attractions is powered by faith, trust, and pixie dust.

Tomorrowland. All of the rides and attractions in this land portray the view of the future. It has a metallic-look with dark blues and purples (the purple wall is located here). To some it looks like a futuristic space station with clean lines and modern landscape.

Stay tuned as we detail each land and give you tips to make the most of your time in this theme park. We get really excited when sharing with all of you and can’t wait for our October trip. Mallory will be in Disney World this week posting pictures and videos and maybe some live feeds. Keep checking back to see what Mickey on Main is doing.

– Meet You on Main