As you pass under the train station at the entrance to Magic Kingdom you emerge onto Main Street where the buildings look like they are right out of the early 20th century. A place where Walt Disney grew up. Many people walk down Main Street ready to get to the castle and rides not knowing that there are so many things to do in this area. Next time you are at Disney, stroll down this street, look, listen, smell and soak up the atmosphere.


Tony’s Town Square is a great Italian place that is themed based on the 1955 Disney movie Lady and the Tramp (the one where they eat one strand of spaghetti together and end up “kissing”) The food is delicious; the plates sizes are generous and the atmosphere is casual. Disney Dining Plan and Tables in Wonderland accepted.

Casey’s Corner- Just think, baseball game favorites! Hot dogs (topped with chili, cheese or even mac and cheese), French fries and our favorite- mini corn dogs make up the menu. A small area for seating outside gives you a perfect view of the castle. Quick service credit accepted


Main Street Bakery Featuring Starbucks – Always a line, delicious coffee and pastries including breakfast sandwiches, muffins, scones, brownies, cookies and seasonal cupcakes. This is a great place to start your day. Quick service and snacks credit on the Disney Dining Plan accepted.

The Plaza Restaurant– Victorian style eatery serving soups, salads, burgers and sandwiches. Casual and family friendly dining with a soda fountain feel. This location is usually not as crowded as other places in Magic Kingdom. If you are lucky the Mayor may even sing “Happy Birthday” to you. Disney Dining Plan and Tables in Wonderland accepted

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor– Located at the end of Main Street, usually a last stop on the way out of Magic Kingdom. The plaza is an old-fashioned ice cream shop that serves hand-scooped ice cream in cones, waffle cones and bowls and features some of the best sundaes. Mickey’s Kitchen Sink Sundae (like the one offered at Beaches and Cream) is always a favorite. It’s pricey but big and you get to keep the mickey pants-shaped bowl. Snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan accepted


The Crystal Palace This beautiful restaurant with windows from floor to ceiling and Victorian style touches, features a character buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The 100-acre wood friends including Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet come to your table to meet you and take pictures. Disney Dining Plan and Tables in Wonderland accepted


Meet Mickey Mouse at Town Square Theatre– Mickey is dressed in his cape and is ready to perform some magic. Your family can get autographs, pictures and hugs from Mickey in his rehearsal room. You can also meet Tinker Bell here

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom– Located in the Fire Station Engine Co. 71 (a nod to the year WDW opened). Fire houses from all over the country send patches to be displayed here. Check it out even if you are not going to play the game. Sorcerers of magic is an interactive game where guests use spell cards to beat Villains. Present your admission ticket or Magic Band at the Fire House located at the beginning of Main Street to get your key to start the game. Check out our upcoming post all about this attraction. The cards and special map are great souvenirs to bring home even if you don’t have time to complete a full game.

Shows at the Castle Stage– Grab a show schedule when entering Magic Kingdom and get a good spot in front of the castle to see a variety of shows starring Disney music, Disney characters and fabulous dancers. These shows change with the seasons and holidays and never disappoint.

Parade route– What better place to see a Disney parade then on Main Street! Sitting on the curb waiting to see your favorite characters and hear your favorite songs. Have a snack from Casey’s or a sundae from the Plaza ice cream parlor.

Fireworks – One of the best viewing areas for fireworks and the castle projection show is right in the middle of Main Street. Standing there with the crowds, waiting for Tinkerbell to fly across the sky and start the show is the most exciting time.

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

The Emporium is one of the biggest shops for everything Disney on property. It starts at one end of Main Street and continues all the way to Casey’s Corner at the other end. There are balloon vendors here selling Mickey balloons and Souvenir carts with all kinds of fun things.



Guest services– Located in Town Hall to the left of Main Street when you enter the park, it is the place to go for ticket upgrades, international guides, dining help and services for guests with disabilities.

Barber Shop – Called Harmony Barber Shop, it’s like stepping back in time. Yes! You can really get your haircut here. There is even a My first haircut package that includes commemorative ears and a certificate. Be sure to make a reservation.

Baby Care Center – Located between Casey’s Corner and The Crystal Palace restaurant tucked back in a quiet space. This care center sells formula, baby foods, diapers, wipes, and over-the-counter medications. There is a kitchen with microwave, sink and counter space needed for food prep. There are rooms available for nursing. There are highchairs and other chairs for parents to use for bottle feedings. It is a great place to duck in out of the heat for a few minutes and take care of your little ones.

Check out the windows above the shops on Main Street to see a tribute to the people who helped create Walt Disney World in Florida. Disney also has a not so secret that many know- they pump amazing irresistible scents into the streets to enhance your experience and make your mouth water for some favorite treats including chocolate chip cookie scent by the bakery or ice cream scent near the Plaza ice cream parlor.  With all these things to do and see on Main Street, it’s a fantastic beginning and ending place for your magical adventure!


Meet You on Main!