Liberty Square is not really a square at all, it’s an area at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom which is themed after Colonial America. Replica’s of the Liberty Bell and the Liberty Tree can be seen here. The Liberty Tree holds 13 lanterns representing the original 13 colonies. The tree is the largest living thing in the Magic Kingdom.


Liberty Tree Tavern serves lunch that can be an all-you-care-to-enjoy choice or cheeseburgers, salads, pasta with chicken or shrimp, pot roast or fish and chips. The appetizers include New England Clam Chowder, Crab, Artichoke and Spinach Dip for two or sweet corn fritters. Dinner is a Patriot’s platter consisting of salad, roasted turkey breast, pot roast, oven-roasted pork, mashed potatoes, seasoned vegetables, herb stuffing and house-made macaroni and chest. It is served family style. It is here you can get Oooey Gooey Toffee Cake, a sticky sweet cake with toffee filling and caramel sauce served with vanilla ice cream

The Diamond Horshoe another all-you-care-to-enjoy feast starting with a zesty salad and entrees to choose from including BBQ pulled pork, sliced turkey, country smoked sausage or carved beef brisket. All the fixin’s, beverages and desserts are included.

Columbia Harbour House is a little-known gem of a place that is quiet, air-conditioned and delicious. The menu includes lobster rolls, shrimp wedge salad, fried shrimp, fried fish and chicken nuggets. There is also chicken pot pie and grilled salmon at this nautical decorated nook.

Liberty Square Market is a quick-service stop selling fresh fruit, chips, all-beef hot dogs, and healthy snack options including Mini Babybel cheese.

Sleepy Hollow looks like a small cottage but is actually a concession stand that serves funnel cakes, ice cream sandwiches and waffles. Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich served with house-made chips is a full lunch. Also available is a Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich served with hazelnut spread. Served until 12 P.M. is a Breakfast Egg and Cheese Waffle Sandwich.


The Hall of Presidents is obviously found here in Liberty Square. It is a stage show featuring audio-animatronics of all the U.S. presidents. It is 22 minutes long, a nice respite from the heat. There is a short film before the stage show that shows historical accounts of several notable presidents.

Liberty Square Riverboat is a cruise on the Rivers of America, the waterway around Tom Sawyer Island. The name of the boat is the Liberty Belle. It is an authentic replica of an old paddle wheel riverboat. There are props along the riverbank that simulate the old west. Fun Fact: The boat is guided through the river on a track which is hidden under the murky water. *The attraction is closed for refurbishment at the time of this blog.

The Haunted Mansion is one of the iconic rides at the Magic Kingdom. It is a dark ride that tours this haunted estate. The cue is interactive as you wind your way around the graveyard and read the “punny” tombstones and push and press buttons on musical crypts. The mansion is home to 999 happy haunts including ghosts, ghouls and supernatural surprises. You ride in a black Doom Buggy through more than 15 rooms of haunted mayhem and as the saying goes “Watch out for Hitch-hiking Ghosts”


Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe featuring Disney Character ornaments, stockings and seasonal souvenirs. Open all year long.

Best described as a low-key land, Liberty Square does have Haunted Mansion, one of the Magic Kingdom’s best attractions. A great photo op is the wooden pillory where you can stick your head and hands through and pretend to be locked up like in Colonial Days. Also available here are personalized umbrellas, little girls love these souvenirs.

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