This part of Magic Kingdom seems to transport you into the future and beyond. Tomorrow land is located to the right side of the Main Street and stretches all the way to Fantasyland by the Mad Tea Party. With sleek designs and cool colors, Tomorrowland is filled with things to do that are out of this world.


Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café This quick service restaurant is spaced-themed and serves American cuisine. It is made up of three bays which are essentially counters where you can place your order each featuring a different kind of food. BBQ platters, Chicken and Burgers can all be spiced up at the generous toppings bar. If you can sit in the main dining area, you can eat while enjoying the musical stylings of Sonny Eclipse.

Tomorrowland Terrace Opened only seasonally, this quick service restaurant is located in the short-cut from Main Street to Tomorrowland. The menu consists of burgers, chicken nuggets, sandwiches and salads. This hidden gem is known to the many folks taking pictures at “The Purple Wall”

The Lunching Pad This walk-up window with outdoor tables is located beneath the Astro Orbiter and People Mover in the center of Tomorrowland. The menu consists of hot dogs, BBQ pulled-pork sandwiches, specialty pretzels, chips and slushies.

Lunching Pad.JPG

Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies A great stop on a hot day, where you can get yourself ice cream, smoothies, milkshakes and sundaes.

Cool Ship Opened only seasonally, this snack shop sells hot dogs, churros and drinks including Vitaminwater punch and Super Lemonade


Space Mountain One of the most iconic rides in all of Disney. This is a fast-paced cosmic roller coaster completely in the dark. The queue for this ride is inside with very low lighting and a video game to keep guests entertained. Tip: Fastpass this since the wait times can get pretty long. One of the best rides in the parks in our opinion.


Tomorrowland Speedway jump in your very own car and race around the track. Each car has a working gas pedal and steering wheel which allows the driver to navigate the track which is full of small hills and gentle turns. Parents can let children (at least 32 inches) take the wheel on this ride and enjoy the smiles and laughs while they see iconic attractions on the route. *At the time of this blog post, Tomorrowland Speedway is closed for track alteration to make room for the new TRON roller coaster. No reopening date has been announced as of yet.

Astro Orbiter Starting at the base of this ride, guests are taken to the launch pad by elevator. After boarding his/her own spaceship, the ride revolves high above Tomorrowland. Guests can take control of the lever and raise or lower their ship as it spins through the sky. Tip: great place to see the fireworks since you are high above Tomorrowland but you have to time it right.


Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover This ride is described as an emission-free mass transit system of the future. We love the tour it takes you on around Tomorrowland. It is a nice long ride and can help cool you off on some of the hot days in the park. The line starts with a moving belt that takes you up to a loading dock. Here you get into a four-seat tram and are whisked away above the crowds on a tour of the land. Sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds on this relaxing and entertaining journey.


Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress This is the longest running stage show in history. First unveiled at the New York World’s Fair, this is Walt’s genius at work. A revolving seating area takes guest through scenes of a family as it changes from the turn of the century into the future. As you get to know the family and enjoy the “progress” they make, this 21- minute show will have you humming “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow Shining at the End of Everyday”.

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin As you spin your ship around this dark ride’s track trying to shoot lasers and defeat Zurg, remember to smile (a photo is taken during your battle). Black-light and laser beams are part of this shooting gallery-style ride. Remember to check out your score at the end to see if you beat your friends.


Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor A fun audience participation show which shows that laughter beats screams to power a city. This is a live comedy show that is never the same show twice. Tip: send in a joke from your phone as you wait in line and you might have it played during the show.


Mickey’s Star Traders features Disney character gifts and park souvenirs

Merchant of Venus Also features Disney character gifts and park souvenirs

Tomorrowland Light and Power Co. This gift shop is at the end of Space Mountain (where the incline belt exits you from the ride). There is a MagicBand on Demand station to personalize your MagicBands or D-Tech phone cases.


Tomorrowland is not to be missed. There is a stage near Buzz Lightyear where they have dance parties (pick up a times guide). Make sure you get a picture with Buzz Lightyear at his meet and greet near the entrance to his ride. Tip: Don’t forget the purple wall mentioned above, take some pictures there and you can post them at the #purplewall on Instagram.

Meet You on Main!